Pottery Barn Sign Knock-off

Yesterday I showed you my “do what you LOVE what you do” sign. Well, today I wanted to show you another sign that my sister and I tag-teamed.

She saw this Pottery Barn numbered canvas in the Pottery Barn catalog and it was love at first sight. It’s definitely more than made it’s way around the blogger community. Everyone seems to love it and want to make their own versions for their homes!

First thing’s First – Design Layout and Size

For Christy’s sign, she created the design in Microsoft Word and I printed it out on an overhead projector transparency sheet. Click below for a PDF version of the design you can use on YOUR own projects!  (No need in all of us doing the same work over and over again)

Christy PB Number Canvas

Page 1 of the link above will show you how she wanted the numbers to run off the edges and Page 2 is the one I actually printed. That way I could just move the projector further back and get the design lined up on the sign just the way she wanted it.   I knew she wanted the sign to be 4 feet wide and just needed to determine how tall the sign would need to be to correctly line up the numbers. So I projected the design on the wall so that the image was 4′ wide and simply measured the height. Done-skies!

Next step – Build the Frame

I made a frame of furring strips and thin “fill-it” strips (explained here). She wanted her boards to be as close together as possible rather than spaced like in my version. I attached the strips with small staples working from the outside edges in. This allowed me to space out a few boards towards the middle to make it look perfectly imperfect. After the frame and strips were all done I gave the sign a single coat of Minwax Dark Walnut. The wood soaked up the stain so quickly so there really wasn’t much excess to wipe off.

Project and Copy the Image

Bad blogger!  I don’t have pictures of the next couple steps, but I think you’ll understand if I talk you through it….

I hung the sign on the wall, lined up my projector and went to work copying the image onto the wood. I used a white chalk marker (like these) to copy the design. I knew Christy was going to paint the numbers white so I thought it would be easier to paint if the lines were white as well.

Transport…. and Learn

My sister lives in Tulsa. I live near St. Louis. Thankfully I have a small SUV so I laid my back seat down flat and put the sign face down in the cargo area. My dogs were also along on the trip so I had to put a flat-pack metal kennel on top of the sign and then tossed on a big fluffy dog bed for the pups to lounge on during the 6 hour drive. Long story short… I should have glued the strips in addition to stapling. When I placed the sign upside down and put weight on it, some of the strips popped loose of the frame. It wasn’t a deal breaker, just meant that Christy had to go back and glue some of them and tap the staples back in.

Paint and Hang

From this point on it’s ALL Christy. She did such a great job painting on the letters. I think she took a couple nights to do it ever so carefully using latex paint. Atta girl Kiki – it looks UH-mazing!

Okay, Okay… enough yappin’ Dana. Get to the point. Here she is!

Isn’t it awesome?! I am totally smitten with it. I think the dark wood and crisp white numbers really pop against that awesome navy wall.

Take note of the round ottoman… yup… she made that – out of a coffee table!  She’s handy, that girl. I tell ya!  Thanks for sharing pics of your room Christy.

…and as always, if you decide to make your own Pottery Barn Sign I would LOVE to see your version!  Send me a link to your post or even email me a photo – craftedniche{at}gmail{dot}com  We can feature them here at CraftedNiche and on Facebook to help get people’s confidence and creativity going!

Big Thanks to Home Stories A2Z for hosting her weekly party!

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Special thanks to these awesome blogs for featuring our sign!

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75 comments on “Pottery Barn Sign Knock-off

  1. Julie says:

    Great job! It looks great in your room!

  2. Gorgeous!! I’d love to feature this next week! Have you submitted it to Knock-Off Decor? I would imagine that Beckie would feature you!

    • Dana says:

      That would be wonderful! I would absolutely LOVE for you to feature it. How sweet of you to even suggest. …and thank you for the great idea of sending it to Knock-Off Decor. I just posted it today, but I will send it to Beckie right away. 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. Angela says:

    Looks great! Nicely done! I want to make one of these!!! Saw you on Shabby Creek Cottage!

  4. What an amazing copy! I like yours better than the PB one! Coming over from Transformation Thursday and so glad I did! Great job!


  5. Robin says:

    I love it. What a great addtion to your room.

  6. Jessica says:

    I am in love with this project! I will definitely be making one of those from my sons room! Great job, and thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  7. Heidi says:

    I know there was a time I passed on an overhead projector that was a good deal ~ darn it! Looks great!

    • Dana says:

      Haha Thanks Heidi! I actually bought the projector for a tree wall mural in the basement…. but I’ve used it for everything BUT that project so far! 🙂

  8. This is honestly amazing. I would have never guessed this was a knock-off from the original! Great job.

    • Dana says:

      Thanks so much Katie. I think I’ll call dibs on it if she ever decides she wants something else in that space in her living room!

  9. charissa says:

    Where did u get that gray and white rug? Love it.

    • Dana says:

      My sister got that rug from a store called Garden Ridge (gardenridge.com) for $49.99. It’s not as soft as the pottery barn version she had, but it was too good of a deal to pass up!

  10. Mindy says:

    you did an amazing job!! i would love to have this in my house!

  11. Alida says:

    You did an awesome job! I think yours is even better!


  12. Absolutely gorgeous, I love it!!

  13. AMAZING! I actually had to scroll back up and take another look at the PB version because yours looks EXACTLY like it! LOVE this 🙂 I need to find a spot in my house! I’m a new follower!

  14. Lesley says:

    You have such a similiarly situated room to the inspiration room!! Love your sign. Looks really sweet!

  15. Glenda says:

    Looks great, and looks great in your room. Thanks for the tutorial. I would love to try this.

  16. Nelda Ream says:

    This is SO awesome! Thanks for the PDF. I would love to try it.

    • Dana says:

      You’re very welcome! If you flipped the image when you printed, you could do the freezer paper image transfer onto a board or pillow even too!

  17. This came out so great!! I am totally inspired! I feature you today in my Friday I’m in Love favorites.


    – Jenn @ Social Salutations

  18. Christy Manar says:

    Thank you for all the sweet comments! I was thinking a little more and you could even do a smaller version on a scrap piece of board!

    • Dana says:

      BTW everyone… this is my super talented sister and the Pottery Barn sign lives in HER living room! Lucky gal! She’s promised to share more of her projects and home design. Her house is absolutely uh-dorable. You’re going to love it!

  19. Brenda Watts says:

    Oh I just LURVE the sign…WoW !!

  20. Kelly says:

    Love this – great job! 🙂

  21. Visiting from MMS and this is GREAT! I also love the rug 🙂

  22. michelle says:

    Love it, looks great!

  23. This looks beautiful! I love typography projects and that was great inspiration. Wonderful job!

  24. Laura says:

    I LOVE this! you did such and amazing job. I have seen this knockoff done many times and this is the best one!!!

  25. Sonya says:

    Your knockoff signs turned out fabulous! Great job! I really like the “Do what you love…” sign. I’m really drawn to rustic wood things these days.

  26. Sonya says:

    Oh and thanks for visiting my blog! Under the categories section on my side bar there’s a link to the posts I’ve done on glazing. (There’s only a few) The first post I did last year on my turquoise door shows the products I used for that project. Hope this helps!

  27. Kathy says:

    Omg…..I love it! Especially love it against your navy wall! Great job and you almost make it sound easy enough to do…
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  28. amy says:

    okay, you probably know that this is a flippin’ awesome project since you have a booty-load of comments but i just couldn’t stop myself. I LOVE IT! IT ROCKS! YOU rock!

    ‘nuf said.

  29. Looks better than the Pottery Barn version! Love it!

  30. Angela says:

    I Love this! You two such a great job. Angela @ The Nested Home

  31. Megan says:

    Looks awesome! Love numbers and letters incorporated into decor.

  32. I LOVE this! What a great idea. I would love it if you would stop by and share at the Cure for the Common Monday.
    🙂 Rachel

  33. Miss Tiques says:

    This is awesome!! Would love for you to share it in my new Link Party!! I’m just getting started so you would be doing me a HUGE favor by posting!! Thanks!! Karen


  34. What a great copycat version! It looks great in her living room.

  35. Jamie says:

    Love this…it looks amazing! I have been doing some stenciling on burlap lately but I want to do a sign soon. I am a new homeowner too so trying to decide what to make or put where has been difficult! I’m following you on FB now. 🙂


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  37. […] Pottery Barn Knock-Off Numbers Sign that Christy and I made is being featured today at Knock Off […]

  38. Clydia says:

    L.O.V.E this knock-off! Looks just like the real thing!

    Would you share this at my Motivational Monday link party?


    Would so love to see it there! 🙂

  39. Rachel says:

    I love a good pottery barn knock off! Such a great job. It’s hard to make really cool large artwork for a room cheap, but you did a great job!

  40. Jill Welch says:

    Saw this featured on Knock Off Decor — I love yours SO MUCH BETTER than the PB one. Great job!

  41. Fantastic! I love your version.I would love for you to share this project on my Inspiration Board {link party}. I know my readers would really enjoy it. Hope to see you there.
    carolyn – homework

  42. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday!! You were featured today!
    -Mandy, Sugar Bee Crafts

  43. Marilyn says:

    What an awesome blog,,Im officially following ya with smiles.. This is great inspiration..Found ya on linky and had to stop in.. So much creativity dwells here.. Im Marilyn via http://theartsygirlconnection.blogspot.com ..Hope you can stop in sometime..TY

  44. Kelli says:

    This is so great! I like yours better than PB.

  45. hollyll says:

    That is awesome! What a fun piece of art! Thanks for linking to Tickled Pink last week. Sharing this on FB!

  46. Marie says:

    Oh I LOVE it! Thanks for the printable!


  47. Jennifer says:

    What a perfect graphic piece for your wall! Congratulations for the feature on The Shabby Nest.

  48. Maggie says:

    None of your links inside your post are working for me, wondering if it was just me. Love this idea and want to do it for my new family room.

    • Dana says:

      Hi Maggie – Thanks for letting me know you were having some problems. I’ve only heard from one other person that had trouble with the download. If you want, shoot me an email at craftedniche{at}gmail{dot}com and I can send you the pdf as an attachment!

  49. Tedi says:

    This is so dang cute!

  50. […] love this Pottery Barn sign knockoff (@ Crafted […]

  51. I am featuring you today. I love anything with letters or numbers on it.
    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri.

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